Lori Kallay - Natural Moments Gallery
Fine art landscape paintings in acrylic and watercolour from Algonquin Park, Haliburton and surrounding area presented in a realism style.

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I love your work and the dedication in promoting and educating youth. www.northcountryartists.com www.willsalisbury.com
Will Salisbury - 10 Feb 2019
We received the most incredible gift from our best friends for our wedding. They hired Lori to create a painting at Rock Lake in Algonquin Park where we got married on September 27th 2014. Rock Lake is a place that both my husband and I have visited since child hood and holds so many treasured memories. It is also a place that dates back in history for me as my grandfather was a river driver through the lakes of Algonquin and my grandmother a cook in the Lumber camp where they met and married. Their names remain on the wall of the Algonquin Logging museum to this day so you can imagine how special Algonquin Park is to me and my family. Along with this incredible painting called 'Rugged Beauty' Lori sent a lovely letter about her experience of choosing the paintings location during her visit to Rock Lake and a DVD with the transistions of the painting coming alive. It is truly one of the most amazing gifts we have ever received to have an original painting created personally for us as husband and wife in a place that means so much to us. It was and will remain a heartfelt work of art hanging in our home. Thank you Lori for such a beautiful work of art. We will cherish it always :) we really look forward to collecting more of your work :) Todd and Kelly Diminie
Todd and Kelly Diminie - 1 Oct 2014
Lori goes above and beyond! Not only was the artwork fantastic, but the little extras like writing a note to the bride and groom and including a CD made it extra special! Would definitely order another piece of art! Nancy
Nancy Annesley - 18 Sep 2014
diane storer - 4 Sep 2014
Lori, am so happy i eventually saw this gallery of urs :)...these r the most amazing paintings i ever saw till now
Harsh vardhan - 6 Jun 2014
Beautiful paintings .I do share all what you say about art It'amazing to get in touch with somebody who loves art as you love Thanks for appreciating my works
Magda - 10 Apr 2014
Your work is magnificent, the colors are vivid and eye catching and appeal to me immensely!!
Syed Imtiaz Hussain - 13 Mar 2014
Very nice work - you do beautiful landscapes - have always been amazed by the Canadians, how they capture nature in their paintings.
christiane shertz - 13 Mar 2014
Thank you Lori for your kind words about my art, it is so nurturing for the artist's spirit that besides our enthusiasm for painting somebody else feels the same way!, I checked out your paintings they are so beautiful I love them, and those line studies is my kind of graphics.
Carlos Esquivel (www.carlosesquivel.com) - 28 Feb 2014
Nice work Lori !I've sent you a FB friend request
Justin Dancing Hawk - 28 Feb 2014
Your strength is in your landscape paintings, Lori. And yes, I do feel like I am there when I look at your images. :)
Nancy - 26 Feb 2014
Some nice paintings. Surrounded by such beautiful and inspiring scenery how could you be anything else than a landscape painter.
Andtre Leonard - 26 Feb 2014
Some great paintings! Nice to hear about a fellow Ontarian artist. :-)
Diane Marcotte - 18 Feb 2014
Great work. Love to swap ideas. Take care
David Iddon - 1 Feb 2014
Dear, Lori you are Truly Gifted. You bring back a lot of memories for me, at the Park. And around the Haliburton Highlands. Thank You for sharing your gift.
Beverly Drew - 21 Jan 2014
Love your work Lori ! Cheers ! ~Chris~
Chris Macfarlane - 21 Jan 2014
I love your art! You can see the name of Hungarian origin. Congratulations
Jegartmaster - 13 Jan 2014
Thank you for the peaceful afternoon veiwing your beautiful artwork! Hopefully i will make lots of money at WPS so i can buy them all!! Love ya , happy new year! Lori
Lori Drew - 5 Jan 2014
I love your Black & Whites! Are you from Chicago?!!! That's my home town!. All your work is quite beautiful. All my best, Mark
Mark Kulaga (koogz) - 4 Jan 2014
What a lovely journey you have been on and how nice of you to share it. I very much enjoyed viewing the photos of your paintings and everyone I saw found myself thinking I can't wait until you have a museum show so I can view all the originals. Everything I've seen of yours is wonderful. Congratulations!
John Van Daam - 29 Nov 2013
Thanks for showing me your work Lori!
Laurie Jones - 27 Nov 2013
Gorgeous work Lori, Wishing you Great Success : )
Aimee - 8 Nov 2013
Lori, it is beautiful work and took me back to the memories of that beautiful area of Canada.
Ron Stannett - 6 Oct 2013
Thank you for agreeing to lead the landscape painting sessions at Fool's Paradise during Doors Open Toronto 2013. The participants are sure to benefit from your knowledge and talent!
Mike Sawchuck - 22 May 2013
I met you on my mangrove kayaking tour in Dominical, Costa Rica. You ended up taking some amazing photographs of the wildlife on the tour. Now I find out you are not only an amazing photographer, but a talented artist! Your work is beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to your inspiring work!
Rachel Mora - 7 Feb 2013
I have to say how much I enjoy your work Lori. Time really tells a story here. Thanks for encouraging me with my work too.
Kim - 27 Nov 2012
Love your work! Pausing to look at your work, makes me slow down & enjoy. You are such a talented artist.
Kelly Dwyer-Kallay - 28 Oct 2012
I wad going through your gallery and everything is amazing. I am not the least bit surprised. All through our chilehood you were always so talanted. I miss you friend and wish you all the best in the world. Get in touch with me if you can.
Beth Lee - 24 Jul 2012
Dear Lori, just going through your gallery again and enjoying your beautiful works. I especially love your haliburton landscapes as they seem so nostalgic to me from my many years of camping. You are amazing and so wonderful to share your talents and inspire the children of Workman for all these years. Love from Karen, April 19, 2012
Karen McLaughlan - 19 Apr 2012
Autumn Swamp has twice stopped me in my tracks on the way to the office in Metro Hall. It captures the true beauty of Algonquin Park. I feel the crispness of the air and hear the slap of the beaver's tail in this picture. Absolutely stunning.
Joel Arthurs - 7 Mar 2012
This beautiful painting jumped out at me heading back to my office in Metro Hall today and when I saw your name I thought get the heck out. It can't be THE Lori Kallay I knew from so long ago and low and behold it is. Congratulations Lori !! I'm so happy for you :D
Kerri Unger - 5 Mar 2012
Amazing works of beauty. True artistry.
Anna Mitchell - 21 Jan 2012
Wow, I am really impressed with your creations. We are so thankful to have such a talented artist inspiring the next generation. Thanks for all you do for our students at JG Workman. Cheers.
Lawrence Webster - 3 Dec 2011
WOW...Who knew I was in the presence of a great artist..WE have to talk...LOVE IT LOVE IT>>love you too...
Lori Drew - 30 Sep 2011
Lori, you paintings are excellent! I feel the same about the outdoors as you do and your pictures really capture that feeling of awe and appreciation. Thanks for sharing with me! I look forward to see them in real life one day when I come to Toronto.
Margo Veenhoven-Joe - 9 Apr 2011
Your artwork is absolutely beautiful!
Vicky Kanarellis - 29 Mar 2011
Lori. I had no idea! Your range of style and mastery of different paint media is remarkable. I love the snowmobile tracks, and the thunderhead over the lake. You are a great artist. You made me homesick for nature. H.
Humberto da Silva - 28 Feb 2011
Your work is amazing! You certainly capture the essence of the Haliburton landscape. They are so realistic that it is easy to feel the serenity of the land and water. Incredible work, Lori!
Lila Osborne - 28 Apr 2010
Lori, I am in awe of your talent. All five senses react to your paintings! I can smell the cottage air, hear the water, feel the breeze...I will keep visiting the site until I am, once again, sitting on the dock. Can't wait to see more...Florida needs a little northern Ontario! Sarah
Sarah Lester - 19 Apr 2010
Lori, your work is spectacular. I couldn't pick a favourite because there were so many appealing paintings. Keep painting.
Uta - 28 Feb 2010
Beautiful expressions of the landscape Lori. You have a talent for conveying emotions through your work. I felt a sense of peace and solitude looking at them. Thank you for sharing your gift with the students and inspiring them.
Helen Watling - 4 Feb 2010
My brother Tom told me about your artwork and this site. I'm glad that I took the time to look. Really nice stuff.
Chris Kirsi - 2 Feb 2010
Great job! I appreciate what you have done for our young minds at Workman. I wish there were more people like you around to teach art the way you do.
Toomas Kirsi - 2 Feb 2010
Lori, a friend of mine, Patti, suggested I look at your website. What beautiful pieces that truly capture Ontario! Looking at them from Australia was like being able to visit home.
Wendy - 10 Nov 2009
I am often very homesick for the true "North" in Ontario, I go to your website when I need to feel at peace and once again at home! Your work takes me there in seconds. You are an amazing Canadian talent, the beauty of our country and province shines through in all your work! Incredible! Love you, Glenna
Glenna - 14 Oct 2009
We really enjoyed viewing your work Lori. You have such a wonderful gift!
Sandi and Scott Piperr - 4 Oct 2009
Yah Baby you rock
Darrin - 4 Oct 2009
Really neat site.
Angelique Wray - 29 Sep 2009
Wow!! Absolutley beautiful! You certainly capture the beauty nature. Now I feel homesick. Thanks for sharing your great work. Sandy
Sandy Zubal - 11 Sep 2009
Your work is so beautiful
Debbie Frye - 28 Aug 2009
I finally had a chance to visit your site today Lori, you've done a great job. The pictures you've included are incredibly beautiful!
Dar - 25 Aug 2009
Congratulations Lori. Love your site. Beautiful works. I look forward to carrying and selling more of your art work. See you at Cultural Expressions Art Gallery soon. Best wishes. Esther Forde
Esther Forde - 1 Aug 2009
Beautiful work Lori ... Your love of the cottage and nature shines through in your work.
Chris - 24 Jul 2009
Nothing is more beautiful than a tree and you have done a magnificent job of capturing this beauty. I know of a place that might have room for your incredible work.......
Ann Corrigan - 24 Jun 2009
Lori, Group of Seven have nothing on your paintings. I have tucked the website into my favorites and will keep in touch! Really spectacular work. I will have to see you when I have walls to adorn! Tracy - June 25, 2009
Tracy Drew - 24 Jun 2009
What a fantastic site! I always knew you were amazing, but this is just awesome! I am so proud of you! luvya! Jude
Judy Pineau - 24 May 2009
Not only are you extremely talented but you also show professionalism and perseverance. Everything you need to succeed! The website is fantastic!!
Lesley Crosby - 15 May 2009
Always knew you were very talented and loved your work. Now so can the world!!
Sandi - 12 May 2009
Stunning work, Lori. Emma,s comment describes it ; "I want to go there ! Love you. Mike,Linda Myles and Emma Tustin
Mike and Linda Myles and Emma - 8 May 2009
Beautiful paintings Lori! Would be neat to see some of Sarah and Em's work too!
Sharon - 3 May 2009
wow...'Changes' - I totally know how that tree feels :-) absolutely stunning, I see where Em gets it from!!
Shawn / bpm music - 29 Apr 2009
Absolutely STUNNING!
Steph - 26 Apr 2009
Lori: What a great idea! You are gifted. Your paintings are as beautiful as you are. pwo
Paul Wm. Osborne - 24 Apr 2009
I've been a fan and friend of yours for years, Lori. Beautiful, reflective, calming work! Bob
Bob Jennings - 23 Apr 2009
Congratulations, Lori! Wonderful art, all close to my own heart.
Anna - 23 Apr 2009
Awesome! Beautiful work and nice job on the website :)
Trudy - 23 Apr 2009
This is beautiful work !!! Are you having any showings?
Barb Turk - 22 Apr 2009
Congratulations, what an accomplishment, I can relate to the many many hours of dedication to your work and your business.I will advertise your site on our discussion board when I upload your contribution to our Park Website. Cheers
Rob McConnell - 22 Apr 2009
Your paintings look beautiful!
Alicia - 22 Apr 2009
Amazing, as always!
Linda - 22 Apr 2009
Lori, The paintings are absolutley fabulous & what a great website. I'm so proud of you!!
Joanne - 22 Apr 2009
Lori, you're amazing! I love your work. Thanks for sharing it.
Debbie - 22 Apr 2009
Wow!! Looks great! :)
Amanda - 10 Apr 2009
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